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Define your future with us. Our mission is to ensure our clients’ competitive edge by applying the latest scientific results in software products.

SOFTIC Ltd. develops high value added custom software for all relevant platforms by using the latest technologies and standards. Our highly experienced colleagues has developed advanced solutions for our clients worldwide in order to enhance their performance.

We help you achieve your objectives by high-end technology solutions according to your needs. We are also seeking challenges in research and development projects with companies, research institutes and universities.


Our experience in graphics
and 3D programming is our
greatest asset.

We pay special attention to the
latest findings and

Our client list is prestigious
and provides deep insight into
several industries.

We are passionate about
shaping the future in
R&D projects.

We have extensive experience
in developing complex IT

We keep long-term
relationship with our clients
and partners.



Make your product accessible to new market segments. Porting to a new platform or technology offers a fast and cost-effective solution and increased sales in an extended market. We have the ability to carry out porting from any source platform to any target platform. We are fond of porting video games to all relevant platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.


Extend the lifetime of your legacy systems by enriching it with new functionality and applying the latest technologies. Software re-engineering and migration allows you to successfully implement critical enhancements without completely replacing the existing solution. We are prepared for reengineering complex systems even in situations when the documentation is lacking.


Achieve cutting edge user experience served by the latest hardware and software technologies. We provide advanced 3D visualization, simulation, augmented and virtual reality to improve the competitive position of our clients in the market. We seek 3D challenges in the field of 3D modeling and rendering, game development, training, education, behavioral and functional simulations. Game development, CAD, visualization, simulation, augmented and virtual reality, serious games, high performance computing.


Boost your productivity with the latest technologies and achieve success by secure desktop, mobile or web applications designed for your business purposes. Using enterprise server applications, your colleagues and business partners can work seamlessly anytime, anywhere and from any device. You can enhance collaboration with our advanced software integration service. Mobile and web applications, high availability clusters and server applications, multi-platform development, software integration.



Healthcare providers and device manufacturers have been using our healthcare solutions for a decade. Our programs for data management, interoperability, analytics and health information systems support our clients to achieve patient satisfaction and cost efficiency. We have also gained extensive experience in radiological imaging technologies, teleradiology, telemedicine and medical device integration.


We provide innovative desktop, web, mobile and server solutions for companies that care about engaging experience for customers and employees. We have developed and integrated applications on various platforms from complex business intelligence systems to simple mobile applications. The focus on understanding your business enables us to offer optimal solutions in line with your IT and business strategies.


In the last 20 years, we were devoted to provide engaging entertainment for gamers. Moreover, from education and training to art, SOFTIC helped companies and organizations to boost their performance by cutting-edge video game technologies. We are proud of developing and porting games published on the world market. We also developed serious games for the Hungarian military forces, a graphic software used in Hollywood and an interactive media exhibition for a popular dixieland band, just to mention some of our most exciting projects.


SOFTIC has extensive experience delivering sophisticated informatics solutions in the field of architecture and civil engineering. Our professionals played an integral role in the development of a 3D CAD program. We have spent around a decade to master statistical analysis of steel and reinforced concrete structures, scientific visualization, parallel and distributed high performance computing. With our experienced team and technological background we are able to deliver products of the highest quality on any platform.


Our colleagues played a key role in project implementation collaborating with the following clients:



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